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Wooden Blinds

Wooden Blinds

These wood window blinds add the elegance and charm to the windows of any place be it a home or office. Our range of wood window blinds is available in various colors and shades as per the client's specific requirements.

> Available in more than 50 designs and shades
> Available in 50mm & 25mm wide
> Made from high quality imported woods

Wooden Blinds Overview

SRN Decor Wooden blinds add a timeless style to your windows. Choose from a wonderful collection of Natural Basswood & Faux Metallic series to complete & add elegance to your interior. Enjoy a Wooden blind that reflects your style.

The perfect choice with a contemporary look

Our range of classy Wooden blinds aren’t just stunning, they’re also highly durable, so they can easily handle the heat & humidity without fading or warping.

Whether you want to gently filter daylight without spoiling the view or close them for total privacy or filtered light, Wooden Venetian blinds are a stylish and practical choice. Available in a range of series and colors, we have the perfect look for every room.